Wheel Alignment Services


We undertake wheel alignments and tyre examinations to extend the life of your tyres.

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Why Choose Blackwood Dyno Tune?

  • Decades of Service & Experience: We have been established for over 20 years and offer a combined experience of decades.
  • Courteous Customer Service: We are friendly, honest and dedicated to our customer service.
  • Fair & Competitive Prices: We pride ourselves on charging you only what you should be paying, and no more.
  • Local and International Vehicle Experience: We can work on any type of car, old or new, European or Australian.

Blackwood Dyno Tune Wheel Alignment Services:

  • Standard wheel alignments
  • Front & Rear wheel alignment
  • Tyre examinations
  • Replacing tyres
  • Rotating tyres

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Your car wheels are positioned to minimise wear and tear while driving. When the wheels are out of alignment, the minute you take your hands off the steering wheel the vehicle will pull to one side. A wheel alignment is required to set the alignment to the correct specifications.

You Should Get Your Wheels Looked At If:

  • Your car pulls to one side when driving straight
  • You have accidently hit a curb or pothole
  • You are getting new tyres
  • Every 6 months to ensure your vehicle is safe and to prolong the life of your tyres

How WeLook After Your Wheels

A wheel alignment involves examining suspension angles and finding where the fault is. We start with the Toe (examining the line down the middle of the car), then the Camber (between the wheels and vertical axis of car), and ending with the Caster (from the side).

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