Blackwood Dyno Tune & Service are proud to be a dealer for Superchips, one of the oldest and most respected tuning houses in the world. We have tunes available for most popular makes of cars.

Whether you are after better performance, improved fuel economy, or lowered emissions, Superchips has a solution for you. We can promise you will get sharper throttle response, better flexibility and driveability, the things that really matter in 95% of your day-to-day driving.

All tunes are covered by a 28-day no-questions-asked guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty.


The benefits of a Superchips tune include:

  • Available for most Makes and Models
  • Improved Performance
  • Improved Fuel Economy, and Lower Emissions
  • Smoother Running
  • Sharper Throttle Response
  • Improved Flexibility
  • All with total reliability, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • 28-day money-back satisfaction guarantee



  • Bluefin: If Bluefin is available for your car, and you want to download and install the tunes yourself, then Bluefin provides a perfect solution. Prices range from $489 up to $789.
  • Flash Tune: If your car is able to be tuned via the OBD port, but you don't wish to do install the tune yourself, then Blackwood Dyno Tune is able to do it for you while you wait. Typical prices are $649 for most Naturally Aspirated engines, and $999 for most Turbocharged or Supercharged cars, but this can vary depending on the car
  • Bench Tune: More and more modern cars are including protection to prevent tuning via the OBD port. The only way to write a tune to these cars is to remove the ECU from the car, pull it apart, and write the tune directly to the ECU electronics. In addition to the price of the Flash Tune, there is also a fitting cost of $250 (can vary depending on the car) to cover the cost of dismantling the ECU.


Dyno Tuning FAQ's

At Blackwood Dyno tune and Service we are happy to answer any questions you have about Dyno Tuning so why not call us today!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for your benefit.


What is Tuning? >>

The engine in all modern cars is controlled via a small computer (often called an ECU, or Electronic Control Unit). This computer ensures that the right amount of fuel is being injected into your engine, and is ignited at the correct time, to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum emissions. It is not possible however, for car manufacturers to provide a program for this computer (called a "tune") that pushes the engine to its limits, far from it in fact, the manufacturers need to make allowances for those car owners that neglect their cars, that never get it serviced regularly, that always use cheap fuel, and yet they still have to cover those cars with a warranty.

However, if you are reading this, then it is almost 100% certain that you are a genuine car enthusiast, just like us. You wash and wax your car regularly, you always have faults repaired ASAP, you always have your car serviced on time, you only use top quality fuel and oil, and you probably do oil changes more frequently than required as well. If car manufacturers knew that all car owners would be like you, they wouldn't need to be so conservative with their tuning.

This is where aftermarket tuners come into the equation. They are able to get more from the engine, not by being more aggressive with the tuning, but by simply being less conservative. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is simple though, it isn't! It requires deep knowledge of electronics and computers, as well as a lot of specialist skills. That's why you need to buy your tune from the experts.

Is a tune really worth the money? >>
If you buy your tune from a reputable company (see below), then the short answer is a resounding YES! Simply put, there is no more cost effective way of improving the overall performance of your car than with a good tune, not by a long way!
There are lots of tuning companies out there, why go for Blackwood Dyno Tune? >>

You're right, there certainly are a lot of different tuning companies out there with a wide range of tunes. Prices can vary from $100 all the way to $5000, so how do you know which is the right tune?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of tunes available on the market that are little more than snake oil. They claim massive power increases and better fuel economy, but when they are put on the dyno, they simply fail to deliver what they claim.

Some of the questions you need to ask before buying are tune are:

  • Does the company producing the tune have a long and successful history?

· Do they provide a full warranty on all of their tunes? Is that warranty published on their website? If not, then you have to ask yourself why not? If you are going to put a tune in your car, you need to make sure that the supplier is with you all the way.

· Do they provide Dyno graphs showing the performance improvements? If not, then again, you have to ask why not?

· Do the performance gains they are claiming sound realistic? For reference, naturally aspirated engines will only ever give a performance gain of 5-8% with a tune, and forced induction engines (i.e. turbocharged or supercharged) will give an improvement of around 15-20% with a tune. Beware of tuning companies claiming more than this, a lot of them tend to inflate the performance gains so that they can claim they are the best, but when they are put on the dyno, they inevitably fall short of those claims.

· Does the company producing the tune also try to lock you into their own hardware? Do they claim that other hardware just won't work with their tune? If so, then walk away, you want a company that will work with you, regardless of which other modifications you do.

· Does the company just concentrate on pushing performance gains? In reality, the performance gains you get from a tune are only used a fraction of the time. More importantly in day-to-day driving are attributes such as improved fuel economy, improved throttle response, improved flexibility and drivability. These are the attributes that will make a difference every single day, and are of far more importance than outright performance gains.

· Does the company offer a 28 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee? What happens if you buy the tune but you aren't happy with it, will they give you your money back?

Blackwood Dyno Tune primarily provide Superchips tunes. Superchips have a long history and a fantastic reputation for delivering on what they claim. The performance gains claimed are conservative compared to most tuning companies, but the gains are reliable and honest, they deliver what they claim every time. Put simply, with a Superchips tune, you can expect better:

- Low to mid-range torque, giving much improved flexibility and throttle response

- Acceleration, right where you need it

- fuel economy, especially in Forced Induction engines

- Towing ability

- Smoother, more comfortable cruising ability

Prices for most tunes are $649 for naturally aspirated engines (i.e. not turbocharged or supercharged), and $999 for forced induction engines (i.e. turbocharged and/or supercharged). All tunes have a full 28-day money back guarantee, and are covered by a lifetime warranty.

My car is still under warranty, how will this be affected? >>

The first question people ask is "Will the dealer be able to tell if the car has been tuned when I take it for a service?" The simple answer is yes, they can tell quite easily, don't believe people that tell you otherwise. Dealers are fully aware that there are plenty of aftermarket tunes available for their vehicles, and they can tell if your car has been modified with little effort.

There was a time, not so long ago, where car manufacturers and dealers were being very tough on modifications done to cars under warranty. Basically, their stance was that any modification done to the car whatsoever would void the car's warranty. This was a ridiculous situation, for example people where trying to get their air-conditioning fixed under warranty, only to be told that their warranty was void because they had upgraded their brakes!

The ACCC was quick to act on this and force car manufacturers and dealers to play fair. To this end, if you make modifications to your car, and then something breaks and you take it to the dealer to have it fixed under warranty, the onus is on the manufacturer. In short, they have two options:

  1. If they claim that the failure was due to the modification you have made (whether it is a tune, exhaust system, suspension etc.), then they must document how the modification directly caused the fault
  2. If they can't do that, then they have to repair the failure under the terms of the warranty, end of story.

If, in the very unlikely event they can demonstrate that a tune directly caused a failure, that's where the Superchips warranty steps in. Basically, if the tune is found to be at fault, Superchips will have your car repaired quickly, and at no cost to you. Visit this page for more information on the Superchips Warranty.






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