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Carbon is a by product of the combustion of fuel in your vehicle. A build-up of carbon can accumulate on the fuel injector, rear of valves, combustion chamber, pistons or catalytic converter. These carbon deposits can create a loss of fuel efficiency which results in poor performance as well as a lot of money wasted on filling up the tank. At Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service we can perform a carbon clean and get your car back to peak performance in no time!

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Why Work With Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service

  • Peace of Mind: We are a locally owned and operated shop in Blackwood which can provide the attention you need with the peace of mind of the Repco Nationwide Guarantee.
  • Great Mechanics: The mechanics at Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service are kept up to date on all the latest services and parts with ongoing trainings and seminars.
  • Great Value: We source our parts from the best vendors, as well as from the Repco spare parts network.
  • We offer Loan Cars (bookings essential).
  • Free Pick Up & Delivery service to the local area.

Carbon Cleaning Service Performed

Carbon cleaning is the process of cleaning the fuel injector, combustion engine and other parts of the vehicle where carbon deposits may have accumulated. One method of carbon cleaning is to put an additive into the fuel which will clean the system as the fuel is atomised.

A more complex way of carbon cleaning is when our mechanics physically remove the different parts to the engine. These parts will be cleaned and then set back in place.

Issues Created from Carbon Deposits

Carbon can clog the parts of your engine creating a loss in efficiency. Some of the most common issues caused from carbon deposits include:

  • Loss of fuel efficiency, including over fuelling and under fuelling, due to a buildup of carbon around the fuel injectors.
  • High emissions due to carbon deposits in the catalytic converter not being properly removed from the engine.
  • The car may not start due to an accumulation of carbon on the spark plugs.
  • The engine may shake and stall when the vehicle is idling due to a misfire in the system.

Get rid of extra carbon when you make a cleaning appointment with the friendly mechanics at Blackwood Dyno Tune and Service today!

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